Monday Miscellany

* Fifty-eight percent of female respondents said they regard spring cleaning as an “annual ritual.” They were divided evenly between those who clean “to get organized” and those who do so “to keep a healthy home.” (ShopSmart)

* Respondents were more likely to voice a “favorable” opinion of Google (85 percent did so) than of Yahoo (79 percent), Micro-soft (77 percent) or Apple (70 percent). (The Economist/YouGov)

* Fifty-four percent of the adults surveyed expect to get a tax refund from the feds, while 24 percent will have to send the IRS some money. Among those anticipating a refund, 30 percent said they will use it to pay down debt, 28 percent will save/invest it and 26 percent will use it for “necessities.” Just 7 percent said they’ll use it to treat themselves to a vacation or a shopping spree. (

* Some 14.8 million cars and light trucks were scrapped in this country during the 15 months ending Sept. 30, 2009. The average age of light vehicles on the road had risen by then to 10.2, “up 21 percent in the past 14 years.” (R.L. Polk & Co.)

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