Monday Miscellany

* Asked about their attitude toward “big financial companies,” people were more apt to say “They enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary people and have a negative effect on the economy” (56 percent) than “They have a vital function that enables the economy to grow” (40 percent). (Bloomberg)

* In a survey among owners of small and midsized businesses, respondents cited Southwest Airlines as the brand they regard most highly. Apple came in second; UPS finished third. (American City Business Journals, via

* Among those who classify themselves as “middle class,” 41 percent said they are “struggling” to hang onto that status. Just 6 percent said they are “moving up beyond the middle class.” (ABC World News Poll)

* Twenty-three percent said they plan to visit their doctor or to have a medical procedure done now, “specifically before changes from the healthcare bill take place.” (Fox News/Opinion Dynamics)

* Six percent said it’s “very likely” and 11 percent “somewhat likely” that the next car they buy will be an all-electric model. Forty percent said it’s “not very likely” and 35 percent “not at all likely.” (Rasmussen Reports)

* Sixty-three percent of teens surveyed said they’ve changed their college plans due to the economy, including 15 percent who may delay starting college for at least a year. (Junior Achievement)

* Twenty-seven percent said they are “choosing less-expensive restaurants more often,” down from 32 percent last spring. (The NPD Group)