Monday Miscellany

* In a survey of employers, 44 percent said they plan to hire 2010 college graduates — essentially unchanged from the 43 percent who last year said they’d be hiring 2009 grads. But among the employers who will enlist this year’s graduates, 21 percent expect to hire more of them than last year, and 16 percent expect to offer higher starting salaries. (

* Forty percent often eat foods that are labeled “rich in antioxidants,” while 25 percent often eat foods with “antioxidants added.” The pattern is similar for “rich in iron” (25 percent) vs. “iron added” (15 percent). (Decision Analyst)

* Respondents who own an e-reader read an average of 13 magazines per month, vs. 11 per month for respondents in general. (Mediamark Research & Intelligence)

* Among respondents in the wealthiest one-tenth of U.S. households, 56 percent “believe they are doing their part to help the environment.” (American Affluence Research Center)

* Bad news for the paddle industry: When their kids misbehave, parents of 2-12-year-olds are most likely to “explain or reason” with the youngsters (88 percent) or “take away a privilege or something the child enjoys” (70 percent). Just 10 percent of the parents said they “paddle” their kids, though 22 percent said they “spank” them. (C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health)

* Forty-seven percent of respondents who follow baseball said they do not want the Yankees to win the World Series again this season. (Zogby Interactive)

* Twelve percent of those age 12 and older said they have watched TV clips on a cell phone. (Arbitron/Edison Research)

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