Monday Miscellany

* Depiction of smoking in films has fallen sharply over the decades. Dividing the top-grossing movies into five-minute segments, a study found tobacco-related content was most common in 1961 (seen in 41 percent of the segments). By 2006, the most recent year covered by the research, the figure was 8 percent. (Annenberg Public Policy Center)

* Thirty-two percent of male respondents “constantly worry about the amount of debt I have,” matching the percentage of female respondents who said the same. (WSL Strategic Retail)

* On the subject of ice cream, 77 percent agreed that “Amidst all the trendy flavors, I always come back to the classics.” (Starbucks/StrategyOne)

* Nineteen percent of respondents said they usually go online to make their purchases of new hardcover books. (Mintel)

* Local mobile advertising is forecast to double this year vs. last, to $586 million, and to reach $4.7 billion in 2014. Mobile couponing is seen as a key element in this trend. (Borrell Associates)

* Asked to say which of five social classes is the one to which they belong, three-quarters of respondents picked “middle” (40 percent) or “working” (34 percent). Just 2 percent chose “upper,” while 10 percent cited “upper middle.” Thirteen percent consigned themselves to the “lower” class. (The New York Times/CBS News)