Monday Miscellany

* Fifty-two percent of all respondents agree it’s important to buy products made in the U.S., but fewer 18-34-year-olds (37 percent) say so. (WSL Strategic Retail)

* Among girls age 8-12, 18 percent regularly use mascara. Fifteen percent are regular users of eye liner. (The NPD Group)

* Among adults who use gaming devices at least an hour or two per week, 35 percent own and regularly use a Wii, putting it ahead of PS2 (29 percent), Xbox 360 (18 percent) and PS3 (15 percent). (Ipsos OTX MediaCT)

* Thirty-three percent think the “entertainment industry” has a positive effect, while 51 percent see a negative effect, “on the way things are going in the country.” By contrast, “positive” far surpassed “negative” (68 percent vs. 18 percent) when respondents were asked about “technology companies.”  (Pew Research Center for the People & the Press)

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