Monday Miscellany

* Though 80 percent said they are concerned about skin cancer, 72 percent think “people look more attractive with a tan.” (American Academy of Dermatology)

* Nineteen percent of female respondents “love” their hair, 41 percent “like” it, 5 percent “dislike” it, 4 percent “hate” it and the rest are “neutral.” Forty-four percent said their mood has been affected by a “bad hair day”; 26 percent “have actually shed tears after a haircut.” (ShopSmart)

* Among adults who have both kinds of phone, 39 percent use their cell more, 26 percent use their landline more, and 35 percent use the two equally. (AP-GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media)

* Among high schoolers going to their prom, 34 percent said they’d use coupons or sales to save money on items they’re getting for the occasion.  (Seventeen)

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