New ‘Most Interesting Man’ Gets the TMZ Thumbs Down

Folks just aren't feeling Augustin LeGrand

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Friday’s TMZ item about Augustin LeGrand, the recently selected “Most Interesting Man in the World” successor, is not exactly earth-shattering. The French actor was photographed at a cafe in New York’s West Village, sitting at a sidewalk table topped with rosé and San Pellegrino sparkly water. No Dos Equis beer bottles in sight.

What is interesting from an ad campaign point of view is reading the comments. At press time, the 200-or-so responses amount to a snap poll for Havas New York and their client. And a resounding condemnation of the new guy, as not a single person took time to share their approval of LeGrand:

Susan Brahm Czysz: I so miss the original guy also. He was 10 times better. They really messed up those commercials.

Shelia Duncan: There is only 1 most interesting man in the world. And this guy is not it!!! Bring back the real Most Interesting Man… Please.

Saralea: They did that switch all wrong there. They should have said the most interesting man in the world is so interesting that he has a son! The most interesting DUDE in the world. Duhhh… can’t be on board with this NEW interesting man. I don’t buy it.

In LeGrand’s native country of France, the TV ad slogan for Dos Equis commercials translates as “We only have one thirst to live.” Dos Equis should have probably also milked the MIM concept only once. Or, as Saralea hints above, attempted a sequel rather than a remake.

Per our headline, another recurring strand of commenter reaction is that LeGrand in the photo looks to many like a present or near-future version of Michael Phelps. See if you agree.

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