Movie Directors Sign On For Ad Work

Continuing the trend of feature film directors opting to direct commercials, Shekhar Kapur, Jonathan Mostow, Frank Coraci and Jon Turteltaub have — for the first time — signed for television commercial representation with the newly relaunched Propaganda Independent unit of Propaganda Films.

Film directors may be looking at commercial work now more than ever as a hedge against potential writers and actors strikes this summer that would shut down feature production. But “The Waterboy” director Coraci said he had been thinking of taking on commercial work for months “before the strike was even an issue.” “Movies take forever to start up,” said Coraci. “The more I can keep working and honing my skills, the better.” The director added that he chose Propaganda because of its leadership and collegial “filmmakers’ workshop” atmosphere. “It feels like a company that’s about filmmakers. … We’re talking about me having an office there,” he said.

Named to head the division was executive producer Marshall Rawlings, who has worked for several years as a free-lance commercial producer for Propaganda.