Mullen Adds Hoodoo Spirits

BOSTON IPG’s Mullen said it has added startup Hoodoo Spirits following a review. The work includes advertising, digital, media, PR and design.

The goal, per Mullen, is “to build a new, transformative spirits company” with national distribution. The line will include vodka, gin and brown spirits, with work breaking next summer.
“This isn’t just about creating an ad campaign,” said Mark Wenneker, ecd at the Boston-based shop. “This is about helping to invent a brand and build a company from the ground up. Hoodoo has the guts and passion to do some amazing things.”

Added Frank Coyle, CEO of Hoodoo: “Mullen wasn’t afraid of displaying its depth of talent and its passion for Hoodoo. In the end, choosing Mullen as our agency of record was clear and compelling because Mullen demonstrated partnership ability — mutual risk taking in the pursuit of a common goal. Now, with Mullen as our partner, we’re confident of our success.”

This marks Mullen’s second new-business score of late following its hire by Zappos after a closely watched competition.