M/W Remaps Top Management

Minneapolis Shop Learns a Single Leader May Be Better Than 5
CHICAGO–File this one under lessons learned for Martin/Williams.
Two and a half years after adopting a five-member management committee, the Minneapolis shop has moved to a more traditional structure, naming director of client services Steve Collins president of the $300 million shop.
“The business is more complex now, and you have to move quicker than before,” Collins said of the rearrangement.
Collins’ ascension had “everything to do with [his] background,” said Dave Floren, chairman of parent Martin/Williams Inc. In 20 years at M/W, Collins has worked on many of the shop’s larger accounts, including 3M and Rubbermaid.
“His career has been about client service,” Floren said. “When you look at it from that standpoint, it was obvious.”
Sources within and outside the agency said they do not expect major fallout from the shift. Some said they had expected Collins to be named president when Floren and vice chairman/chief creative officer Tom Weyl announced they were stepping back from day-to-day operations. It instead adopted the five-person management committee.
Of the other partners, finance director Tim Frojd was named vice chairman, while new-business development director Mike Gray and director of marketing services Mike Gray were named executive vice presidents.
Executive creative director Lyle Wedemeyer will relinquish that role and work as a “creative strategist.” Succeeding him will be creative director Tom Kelly.
“It’s a decision I came to independently,” Wedemeyer said. “But we wanted to announce all the changes at the same time.”
Kelly has worked at M/W for 10 years on clients such as Target Stores, Coleman and Powertel. K