NBC Promotes ‘Community’ to the Lunch Crowd

NBC is turning to the place-based video medium to promote its freshman comedy, Community. On Friday (April 23), the TV network will air a special broadcast of the comedy on indoorDIRECT’s Restaurant Entertainment Network, preempting theBITE, indoorDIRECT’s regularly scheduled programming.

The lunchtime broadcast will air at 12 p.m. (as well as PT) in select Wendy’s, Denny’s, Arby’s, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s and McDonald’s restaurants, targeting more than 500,000 lunchers.

“Digital networks have terrific potential for branded promotion and special events. What sets indoorDIRECT and the Restaurant Entertainment Network apart is that our audience has much more time to absorb and enjoy content,” said Bill Myers, co-founder and COO of indoorDIRECT.

Leading up to the broadcast, both indoorDIRECT and NBC will promote the event. One week prior to the broadcast, indoorDIRECT’s network will air customized content starring Community cast members.  

NBC’s plans include texting fans via its mobile network about where to find the nearest Restaurant Entertainment Network location; online promotions across its Web sites, via Twitter and Facebook; and local promos on KNBC, NBC’s O&O.

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