Netflix Enlists Gangster, Gladiators and Spy

SAN FRANCISCO A gangster, gladiators and an international spy visit people’s homes in the latest Netflix campaign from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

Three 30-second television spots, which break today, continue the “There’s a movie waiting for you at home” theme.

“Gangster” features actor Tony Sirico, who plays Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri on The Sopranos. A man comes home and turns on the lights to find the gangster standing in his dining room, “encouraging” him to sign up for Netflix instead of renting DVDs from a store. The man’s wife had obviously annoyed the mobster, because she joins the conversation although she is rolled in a carpet.

Sirico eagerly signed up to work on the spot, and is a pro when it comes to playing mobsters, said Robert Riccardi, Goodby partner and director of account services. Sirico’s film credits include Goodfellas, Gotti and Mickey Blue Eyes.

“He was great,” Riccardi said. “There are some other outtakes of that. In one, he goes into a closet and comes out with a baseball bat. The art director tells him how to hold it, and he gives him a look like, ‘I’ve done this before.’ ”

In “Office,” a young worker explains to his painfully uncool older colleague how Netflix works. He shows his co-worker how he’s ordered a movie online, and that it is probably already waiting for him at home. The scene cuts to his house, where gladiators in full battle gear are milling around his kitchen and one is giving his wife a foot massage.

The San Francisco agency produced two endings for the “Office” spot, the second with a spy hanging from the ceiling.

The spots explain how Netflix works and are aimed at “fence sitters” who know about the service but have not signed up because they have questions, Riccardi said.

These three new ads join others currently in rotation, which feature foreign, war and suspense themes. All will air on both network and cable television nationally.