New MGM Marketing Chief Delays ‘Rollerball’

MGM is delaying the release of its science-fiction remake Rollerball from an Aug. 17 release to sometime in the 2002 first quarter, a bold first move by freshly minted MGM marketing/distribution chief Bob Levin.

Rollerball was set to open during the slack movie period when summer winds down, though MGM had yet to put a full trailer into theaters by last weekend. Levin has said he wanted to give the film’s marketing more attention. The former Sony and Disney marketing boss joined MGM last month to replace both marketing chief Gerry Rich and distribution chief Larry Gleason.

Rollerball is a remake of Norman Jewison’s 1975 sci-fi film of the same name about a violent combination motocross/roller derby created by the world’s corporations to please the masses.

MGM next week opens the girl comedy Legally Blonde.