News Corp. Unit Expands In-Store Offerings

News America Marketing is getting more aggressive targeting clients outside of the consumer packaged goods realm. The division of News Corp., best known for its SmartSource Coupon Machines and Shelftalk banners, video and tearpads, has expanded beyond grocery and drug stores.

The in-store marketing tools are also increasingly popping up in Staples, Dollar Stores and other mass merchandisers. To support the growth of the company’s portfolio, News America Corp. has created a new Retail Advertising & Promotion division.

The new division will reach out to brands in categories beyond its traditional client base, which typically includes food marketers Kellogg and Post. Instead, it will be attempting to tap into business brands like Epson, Kodak and others.

The Retail Advertising & Promotion group is helmed by evp John Kelly, Dani Dvorin, vp, group sales manager and Christian Lencsak, vp, group sales.

“This is a logical progression for our business,” said Chris Mixson, president, News America Marketing, in a statement. “We’re looking forward to giving new clients the tools to drive their business the same way we have with our traditional clients in grocery and drug stores.”