NFL’s Dawn Hudson Tops the Adweek 50 List of Vital Leaders in Tech, Media and Marketing

Headshot of Michael Burgi

Selecting the Adweek 50 each year gets progressively harder simply because the businesses we cover are increasingly fragmented and nuanced—making it more complicated to identify those who really stand out above their competitors in delivering gains for their C-suites bosses and boardrooms. What follows is the result of our months-long search for that talent and the debate about their inclusion and ranking on the “50.”

The list, like everything else in our world, is trending digital, so it’s a little ironic, then, that our top selection is the CMO of one of the oldest and most popular draws in media: pro football. But National Football League CMO Dawn Hudson embodies all the ways in which it has modernized its game: taking a potentially crippling fumble like domestic abuse among NFL players and tackling head on with excellent PSAs and outreach.

For more about Hudson and the other indispensables across advertising, marketing, media and tech, read on. 

@michaelburgi Michael Burgi is Adweek's director of editorial partnerships.
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