Nicole Kidman’s Oscar Clap Looked Like Half a Million Bucks

Fan account has Best Supporting Actress nominee's back

Australian for: much ado about nothing.
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One of the best lines of the Academy Awards this year was delivered on behalf of Best Supporting Actress nominee Nicole Kidman. Responding to endless Twitter and media speculation about the way the actress was shown clapping at one point during the telecast (stiff, outstretched arms; bottom-of-palms coming together only), the unofficial Twitter account @NicoleKidman suggested that ‘You try to clap when you’re wearing half a million dollars worth of jewels.’

Ha ha. Has Twitter made us, collectively, dumber? That’s up for debate. But there’s little doubt social media has coalesced the masses into meaner. All kinds of idiotic criticism was leveled at Kidman as the GIF of her clapping circulated. For the record, per Forbes contributor Elizabeth Doerr, here is why we should perhaps be applauding Kidman. Or at least bowing to the consumerist monster known as the Oscars red carpet:

The actress wore more than 119 carats of Harry Winston jewels alongside her embroidered nude Armani Privé gown. The very tasteful ensemble was crowned by a beautiful vintage Omega “secret” wristwatch from the Omega Museum in Biel, Switzerland on her right wrist. A secret watch hides the time display until the wearer pushes the jeweled lid aside to reveal it.

What time is it? Time to think twice before you tweet or file news items with headlines like “Nicole Kidman Claps Like an Alien Who’s Still Trying to Figure Out How to Fit In.”

Update (March 9):
Kidman confirmed it was the jewels during a telephone interview with KIIS-FM Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O.

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