Nielsen Launches LPM in Puerto Rico

Nielsen has officially launched its local people meter TV ratings service in Puerto Rico. The first Nielsen ratings were delivered for April 1.

Prior to launch in December when Nielsen first announced it would enter the market, Nielsen signed the market’s three largest TV providers: WKAQ-TV, NBC Universal’s owned and operated Telemundo station; WLII-TV, Univision’s owned and operated station; and WAPA-TV, Intermedia’s independent station. Other subscribers include Arteaga & Arteaga, Canal 13, Draft/FCB, EJE Sociedad Publicitaria, Starcom, and Kairos.

The ratings are based on a sample of 500 homes. Over 90 percent of recruited homes agreed to participate in the ratings, among the highest of all the world’s TV ratings panels.

At the end of the month, Nielsen plans to release the top 10 time slots for the month.

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