Nike Soccer Site Goes Global

SAN FRANCISCO — Coinciding with the launch of Nike’s football campaign, interactive agency Framfab Denmark has teamed up with the athletic-goods giant to expand to 13 languages.

The site, originally launched in February 2000 as a European-only effort, will now reach the U.S., Asian and Latin American markets. Its new global presence comes just in time for the World Cup, which begins on May 31.

“Luckily, football is a universal language and it has been an exciting challenge for Framfab Denmark to manage a global rollout with all that entails,” said Bettina Sherain, account director at Framfab Denmark.

The site also features the 3D online game, “Scorpion Knock Out,” which Framfab created in conjunction with Redmond, Wash.-based interactive game developer Wild Tangent [IQ Daily Brief, April 9].