Nintendo Set to Pull Wii Ads Overseas

NEW YORK Video game giant Nintendo has suspended European advertising of its hugely successful Wii game as demand is far outstripping supply. But stateside, the ads will continue.

An online report from Games noted that demand for the system “has been unprecedented and higher than Nintendo could ever have anticipated.”

And U.K. publication The Register reports much the same, quoting a company representative who said demand is too high and Nintendo wants to take a “responsible stance this Christmas and not fuel demand.” But the marketing effort in this country will continue, Nintendo said.

“The media market here is such that we’re going to continue our efforts over the next couple of weeks,” said George Harrison, svp, marketing and corporate communications, Nintendo of America. “We’ve built some momentum and we want to continue that as we expect [Wii] shipments to continue up to Christmas and into January.

“We’ll continue advertising every month of the year, as our efforts have been very successful so far,” he added.

Harrison also said the company wanted to keep going forward for the introduction of the Wii Fit this spring.

The variation of the Wii “was launched in Japan about a week and a half ago,” Harrison said. “It comes with a balance board, yoga games and lots of options.”

Harrison declined to name a specific launch date for the Wii Fit.