No Dodging The Issues

Adiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners, San Francisco, unabashedly strives for shock value in a new print campaign for online magazine that launched last week.
The ads are tagged, “ Makes you think,” and feature eye-catching images, such as a mouth fixed in a scream above a big butcher knife. The ads include snippets of’s stories that end in mid-sentence to leave readers wanting more.
“The campaign gives people a good sense of what is all about,” said Patrick Hurley, vice president of marketing for the client. “We’re not afraid to ask the hard and uncomfortable questions that are raised in private but rarely articulated in public.”
One execution (shown here) shows two fists: one black, tattooed with the word “Love,” the other white, labeled “Hate.” The text reads, “Why is it a hate crime when whites commit violence against blacks, but not vice versa?” -Jane Irene Kelly

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