Of Course Gummy Shoes Are the Best Way to Celebrate James Harden’s MVP Honor

And the Trolli kicks are yours for only $2,677

The 12-pound gummy creations contain a mix of raspberry, lemon, strawberry and blackberry-flavored Trolli candy. - Credit by Trolli
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In celebration of James Harden’s MVP title, Trolli’s artisans, working entirely in the medium of gummy, crafted 12-pound gummy replicas of Harden’s Adidas’ Harden Vol. 2s MVP edition sneakers.

The gummy creations contain a mix of raspberry, lemon, strawberry and blackberry-flavored Trolli candy.

The MVC (most valuable candy) sneakers go on sale today for a whopping $2,677, in reference to the number of points Harden racked up this season. All of the proceeds go to the Houston Rocket star’s charity, 3 The Harden Way.

“To us, James Harden is not just the most valuable player, he is an extremely valuable partner,” Trolli senior brand manager Allison Wyrwicz said in a statement. “By embodying Trolli’s Weirdly Awesome spirit every day, Harden has helped expose the world to all of the inventive and unexpected fun that our candy inspires. We wanted to thank and honor him in a way that we knew our favorite sneakerhead would appreciate.”

Trolli began partnering with Harden over two years ago.

Previous work from Minneapolis-based agency Periscope featuring Harden includes “Winning at Hoops” and “Beardsketball.” The MVC stunt follows the launch of a Harden-inspired line of Sour Brite Sneaks candy, as well as Trolli’s recent Deadpool 2 tie-in campaign.

“I’m truly honored to be Trolli’s Weirdly Awesome ambassador,” Harden added. “I’m a longtime fan of Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers and the Weirdly Awesome campaign because it represents my own approach to life. Trolli’s unique. I’m unique. We both like to push the envelope and be creative. That’s why we work well together.”

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