Old Navy Wants to Bring Out Your Inner Kid This Holiday Season With a Charming New Campaign

New spots feature Jenny Slate wearing fuzzy socks

Old Navy launches its holiday work with fuzzy socks, dancing and Jenny Slate. - Credit by Old Navy
Headshot of Katie Richards

The holidays may be a child’s dream, but they’re super stressful for a lot of adults. Old Navy is trying to change that by injecting some “YAY” into your holiday with its latest wave of adorable holiday ads released under its cheery “Hi, Fashion,” platform.

“We launched the ‘Hi, Fashion’ creative platform back in the spring and we’ve been…seeing great customer response and engagement and really feeling like it hits on all of our brand tenants,” said Old Navy CMO Jamie Gersch, adding that the campaign is “bringing fun back as a fashion statement for Old Navy.”

The brand rolled out its first “HoliYAY” TV spot ahead of Black Friday. In the ad, a group of kids sneak out of their houses for a cul-de-sac dance party, wearing Old Navy’s signature cozy socks. Eventually, a group of adults join the kids as they light up the street and dance around, showing that everyone can feel like a kid around the holidays.

Old Navy will continue the cul-de-sac party theme throughout the holiday season in its creative work. “What you will see through December is a continuation and it feels episodic, set in a cul-de-sac and this ‘HoliYAY’ expression. Each spot is a chapter in the book of ‘HoliYAY,'” Gersch explained about the new spots, which were created by Chandelier Creative.

When the company originally launched its “Hi, Fashion” campaign in the spring, the spots took a different route than previous Old Navy creative. Rather than featuring high-profile celebrities like Amy Schumer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in comedic, deadpan spots, Old Navy made a shift to use less comedy and celebrities, instead focusing on a bright, hceery aesthetic.

For the holiday season, the brand is continuing their colorful, upbeat, no celebrity ads under the “Hi, Fashion” platform on TV. On digital, however, the company is taking note from some of its past humor-ridden tactics and adding a celebrity to the mix—well, sort of.

Jenny Slate stars in a series of digital spots to promote the one dollar cozy sock deal for Black Friday. You won’t see Slate’s face in the video ad, though—just her cozy, sock-covered feet—though you do hear her iconic voice.

As if buying a pair of comfy, fluffy socks for just a buck wasn’t good enough on its own, Old Navy will also be donating up to one million dollars to the Boys & Girls Club. For every dollar spent on the socks, the brand will donate one dollar.

“What’s important for us is continuing to build on our differentiator, which is our brand and the fun element of our brand,” Gersch said. “‘Hi, Fashion’ and ‘HoliYAY’ we think is a differentiator in the marketplace, but honestly I think the dollar cozy sock is a huge differentiator from our competition. We know our customers love the dollar flip flop, and we think it is a huge opportunity for our customer to participate in a similar event, just in the holiday season.”

@ktjrichards katie.richards@adweek.com Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.