Old Spice’s New Print Ad in GQ Contains a Full-Sized Disposable Paper Blazer

Scented with the 'luxurious smells' of Old Spice Captain

Old Spice
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Fragrance advertisers think they’re cool with their scent-strip print ads in glossy magazines. But Old Spice, as it so often does, one-ups the industry with its latest stunt—a print ad in the new GQ that doesn’t just have a scent strip, it contains a fully scented man-sized disposable paper blazer that you can wear proudly around town, and then discard.

Wieden + Kennedy came up with the ludicrous item, which is part of the agency’s larger campaign poking fun at fragrance campaigns to promote the new Red Collection, featuring what Old Spice calls “premium scents.” That campaign also included a very entertaining spot that aired all in French during the Grammy Awards.

“This disposable paper blazer will be seen on the backs of influencers and fashionistas alike, but let’s not forget our regular guy who will be receiving it in this month’s subscription of GQ,” says a rep for W+K. “With this paper blazer, everyone gets to live the luxurious life of Old Spice Captain. Smell the smells, live the life, don’t go out in the rain because you will likely get paper machéd.”

Back in January, Janine Miletic, Old Spice brand director at Procter & Gamble, explained the move toward fragrance ad parodies for the Red Collection. “We have some of the world’s most renowned perfumers on our team, as evidenced by the new Red Collection,” she said. “Old Spice is poking fun at some tropes found in cologne ads and shattering the belief that premium scents only come in fancy bottles with fancy price tags from fancy fragrance houses in France.”

Here is the “Red Sweater” spot from back in January:

Old Spice Paper Blazer
Client || Old Spice
Agency || Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Creative Director || Ashley Davis-Marshall, Matt Sorrell
Copywriter || Andy Laugenour
Art Director || Robbie Rane
Media || Cherish Lee, Melissa Meier
Account || Ghada Soufan, Katie Schaller
Fabrication || Ellen Osborn
Studio || Ken Berg, Patrick Cahalan

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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