On the Adweek Podcast: A Shockingly Effective PSA and a Look at the Year’s Top Marketers

Plus the annual question: Does Love, Actually hold up?

A recent fire-safety video showed the impact of closing your doors at night, which few Americans do. Allison + Partners
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The minute Halloween is over, the marketing world moves immediately into Christmas, so Adweek’s podcast marks the season with a lively debate about the 15-year-old rom-com classic Love, Actually.

Making the movie suddenly relevant is a new short film by airline SAS, which recorded emotional reunions in the Copenhagen airport arrivals hall—immediately reminiscent of the romantic ensemble film’s opening scene.

But we’ve got a lot more to talk about this week on Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, including the changing of the guard at agency R/GA with Bob Greenberg stepping down after 40 years as CEO.

Our panel of writers and editors also introduces you to this year’s roster of Brand Genius honorees—recipients of Adweek’s highest honor for brand marketers. Topping the list is this year’s Brand Visionary (and this week’s cover star), Serena Williams.

We also talk about a fire-safety PSA that got all of us talking—and might change the way we sleep at night. Check out that clip at the bottom of this post.

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Here’s a look at the ads we discuss on this week’s episode:

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