An Online Appetite for Offline Food

If they could extrude food out of their computers, they might do that. In the meantime, says a Deloitte report released last week, consumers are increasingly going online to guide their grocery shopping. Thirty-six percent have visited a food company’s Web site to get recipes; 33 percent have subscribed to receive e-mails/recipes/coupons from a food company; 23 percent have visited such a company’s Web site for product information.

Of course, the information shoppers find on the Internet can push them away from a product, and not just toward it. While 23 percent of respondents agreed that they’ve “made a food purchase as a result of something you read online,” 22 percent said they’ve “not purchased a food product as a result of something you read online.”

One other info-morsel from the poll (fielded in March): 7 percent use their mobile/smartphone in the store as a shopping aid, most often to compare prices, get/redeem coupons or access nutritional information.

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