Online Video Budgets Poised to Grow

Most marketers plan to increase their online video ad spending in 2010—though they’ll do so despite maintaining serious qualms about the medium.

According to a survey of ad agencies commissioned by the video network BrightRoll, a whopping 94 percent plan on increasing their Web video budgets this year. That’s despite the fact that nearly half say they’ve had a video campaign executed in a way other than they expected (17 percent), or they are unsure whether their campaigns have run as planned (31 percent).

Indeed, BrightRoll found that online video still has some credibility issues. Among the practices identified as concerns are the polarizing tactic of auto-start video, cited by 43 percent of respondents, as well as “misrepresented pre-roll’ ads (26 percent) and video ads that appear below the fold on a Web page where few people may actually see them (22 percent).

Pricing and metrics are also points of contention. Many buyers gripe about paying CPMs that are sometimes higher than those charged by TV networks, and complaints about the lack of standards when it comes to Web video impressions and/or views are common.

BrightRoll found that many agencies are gravitating towards some sort of engagement-based sales model (34 percent of survey respondents said so), yet close to half are interested in a “cost-per-view” model (45 percent).

Still, despite its shortfalls, most agencies are bullish on the medium’s potential. According to the report, “more than half (56 percent) of respondents stated that they view online video advertising as either more effective or much more effective than other forms of advertising.”

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