Orange Zone Kicks Up the White

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T&O’s Youth Division Skis Bear Mountain
LOS ANGELES–The Orange Zone, a youth-focused unit of Townsend & O’Leary, deals snowboarders a heavy dose of guerrilla marketing in its second campaign for Bear Mountain ski resort.
Working with a limited budget, the Irvine shop is on the attack with promotions, radio spots, a bus wrap, Web site and print ad, as well as T-shirts, stickers, even bar coasters. Humor and attitude are front and center–many of the 3 million stickers ask, “Who’s your daddy?”–and the brand is kept understated.
“The kids are not going to put a resort name on their board,” said Elias Dawly, Zone media manager.
A print ad, recalling the suggestive humor of teen movies such as American Pie, is running in smaller snowboarding titles.
It implies Bear Mountain is a bulging hot dog compared to its cocktail wiener rivals.
“Humor can take down the wall. That’s the beauty of the hot dog,” said Mark McVicker, Zone leader.
The overall theme, “Room to move,” touts the mountain’s size and smaller crowds.
T&O president Steve O’Leary gave the Orange Zone the green light in 1998. Led by Dawly, McVicker and art director Joel Tarman, the unit also works for MADD and assists on T&O projects. K

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