Financial Tech Company iZettle Alludes to Big Bad Amazon in Black Mirror-esque Campaign

A window into a world of complete big-business domination

'For the Selfmade' shows what the world might look like if big companies continue to grow at the expense of small businesses. iZettle
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Ever wonder what the world might look like if one big business just keeps growing and growing and growing until it eventually takes over the world and crushes any and all competition in its path? Probably a bit like an episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror in which no one really makes their own choices anymore and technology rules everything.

It’s a pretty terrifying thought but one that might not be totally out of the question, per a new two-minute film from Swedish fintech company iZettle. On Friday, PayPal announced plans to acquired iZettle, which caters to small businesses, in a $2.2 billion deal. Today, iZettle is celebrating that news by championing small business and taking a pretty deliberate swipe at Amazon in “For the Selfmade.”

In iZettle’s Black Mirror-inspired world, there’s one massive company called Giant Corp (with a logo that is strikingly similar to Amazon’s), and the world gets pretty much everything they need, including packages delivered not just to your doorstep, but inside your home, within five minutes. Sounds pretty convenient, but the world of Giant Corp isn’t all roses.

As Giant Corp opens another “fully automated warehouse” in the ad, we see a string of homeless people on the streets and a slew of protestors chatting “save our jobs” outside the new warehouse.

The saving grace of this terrifying, futuristic world? Small businesses like one woman’s bakery that continue to thrive and fight against massive corporations. Even as Giant Corp’s creepy robotic voice tells Billie the baker to sell her business, she resists. “Join the resistance. Shop local,” the ad says.

“During our discussions with PayPal’s president and CEO Dan Schulman and his team, it has become obvious that we share the same belief in the power of small businesses,” Jacob de Geer, iZettle founder and CEO, said of the campaign. “They create diversity, choice and opportunity in society, but they’re still underserved by the incumbents. Small businesses deserve something better.”

“For the Selfmade” was created in partnership with creative agency Edelman Deportivo.

Client: iZettle
Agency: Edelman Deportivo
Director: Alaska
Production Agency: Iconoclast
Agency Production: Colony
Media Agency: IUM

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.