Peter Kim’s Bright Sun Breaks First Qwest Communications Ads

Peter Kim’s Bright Sun Consulting has introduced the first ad campaign for Qwest Communications International’s high-speed, fiber optic telecommunications network.
The $5-10 million print campaign, which broke last week, uses black-and-white photographs to capture events that occur in the span of a second or less. Copy states that in the time it takes for a bullet to pass through an apple–“0.0043 seconds,”–“the entire works of William Shakespeare, translated into 200 languages” can be sent “from New York to Omaha, Neb., without skipping a verse.” The tagline is, “Ride the light.”
The visuals symbolize “collapsing distance and time, which is what high-speed networks are about,” said Joseph P. Nacchio, a former AT&T executive who now serves as president and chief executive of Qwest.
The campaign “[harnesses] the power of light to bring the world of multimedia communications to the forefront,” said Kim, Bright Sun’s chief executive.
The ads are targeted at businesspeople and investors and will appear in Business Week, Forbes and Fortune. TV spots and ads for general consumer publications will break next year, he added.
Denver-based Qwest, which became a publicly traded company in June, is building a national fiber optic network slated for completion in 1998.
Kim said the agency handled a variety of tasks for the client, from creating a logo to developing “business principles to live by.”