P&G Ads Are Taking Olympic Gold and Facebook Users Love Skiing

Winter Games data roundup

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Here comes the Olympics data. AceMetrix today unveiled numbers that bode extremely well for Procter & Gamble, which takes the top three spots in its Top 10 rankings for Winter Games TV spots.

The ratings (see below) are dominated by packaged-goods, though United Airlines makes an appearance with its "Athletes Aboard" commercial. The results are based on a sample of 500 consumers, while weighing attributes such as persuasion, likeability, relevance, desire, etc. (The ads can be watched here.)

Meanwhile, ShareThis scanned the social web to discover that 82 percent of the shares when it comes to skiing stories occur on Facebook. So Olympics marketing copywriters can keep that in mind as they try to woo consumers with branded posts. And this item may interest regionally minded firms: ShareThis says that skiing is most popular in Washington, D.C., with Ohio and Wisconsin not far behind.

Rank Brand Ad Title Ace Score
1 Procter & Gamble "Mom's Work: 60" 686
2 Procter & Gamble "Falling" 670
3 Procter & Gamble "Pick Them Back Up" 645
4 Smucker's "Hardworking Olympians" 633
5 Oral-B "Better You" 632
6 United "Athletes Aboard" 626
7 Febreze "No Need For Ninjas" 616
8 GE Corporate Branding "Create Your Own World"  614
9 Jif "Kids With The Olympic Dream" 610
10 Bounty "Julie Chu: Has To Credit Her Mom" 609


@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.