Phone Charger Keeps the Bar Tab Running

New York phone charging stations set to go global?

You’re out drinking, texting furiously and your smartphone dies. Panic? No! Cue the Juicebox—the pay-per-charge station coming soon to a watering hole near you.

The product’s launch is still in its early stages, with only three units placed at venues around New York. But its creators say a recent press rollout has sparked inquiries from locales as far-flung as Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore—not to mention, they said, a couple of unnamed Fortune 500 brands looking to house the device in less-boozy settings, like fast-food restaurants and supermarkets.

How do Juiceboxes work? Simple. Patrons swipe a credit card to unlock steel cubbies that securely power up their phones—for a nominal fee of $1 or $2.

The Juicebox’s founders are eager to meet the new demand, working to perfect the technology before releasing a run of 150 in about six to eight weeks. They also see ad space on the device’s touchscreen as a potential source of revenue down the line.

Picture it: “Grey Goose is now charging your phone,” said CEO Adam Johnson.

All while you get juiced too. 

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@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.