Pirate Brands Tightens Up the Ship

Growing healthy snack company Pirate Brands is launching a new product line, called Potato Flyers, while rallying around some old favorites.

On December 15, Pirate Brands will introduce its new line of Potato Flyers in New York. The all-natural potato chips, which are baked with pressure producing disc shape, are slated to roll out nationwide by March. To promote the launch, as well its new Pirate’s Booty New York Pizza flavor, the company is running a center spread in am New York on December 15. It is also giving away free samples of both products at nine Energy Kitchen locations in Manhattan. Print and radio are expected to support the nationwide rollout. Ammirati, New York, is the agency.

Robert’s American Gourmet Food, LLC re-branded itself as Pirate Brands on October 15. “It’s symbolic of our company’s growth and evolution. It made sense because lot of customers knew us from our lead brand Pirate’s Booty,” said Joseph Serventi, vp of corporate development. “We’re continuing to drive awareness and trial of the Pirate’s Booty line and at the same time, building up equity in Pirate Brands.”

The company is focusing on four main product lines (Pirate’s Booty, Potato Flyers, Smart Puffs and Tings).

Each of the older lines has been repackaged to bring its brand character front and center. For example, Pirate’s Booty used to feature a pirate on the bottom right of the package. The other characters are a pilot (Potato Flyers), a professor (Smart Puffs) and a rocker (Tings). Pirate Brands products come in 1 oz. and 4 oz. sizes and retail for $1.49 and $2.99, respectively.

“Innovation is important to us,” said Serventi. “As consumers are becoming healthier, you have to continue to give them healthier options.”

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