Point and Shoot

A digital camera worn on the wrist comes in handy when arranging a date in a new TV spot for Casio, by rotter•kantor.

The 30-second spot, the first for the new Casio Wrist Camera with Wrist Technol ogy, breaks the first week in November.

It opens at a café, where a young man sits at a table. Suddenly, “Matt” gets a call on his cell phone from “Suzie,” who explains she met him at Scott’s party. “Uh-huh,” Matt says, scratching his head.

Suzie then asks him out, at which point Matt asks her to wait while he checks his calendar. As his digital camera reveals shots of his other female friends, a voice over says it can shoot and store photos and upload them to PCs.

“Ohhh, Suzie!” Matt exclaims, after uploading an image of the cute, blond woman on his PC. “How’s 8 o’clock?”

“Get the picture with the Casio Wrist Camera with Wrist Technology,” says the voiceover. The spot retains Casio’s current tagline: “Casio. The unexpected extra.”

The spot primarily targets twenty- and thirty something men who enjoy such gadgets, said Bob Kantor, co-chairman of the New York-based shop. “It needed to be very clear who we were talking to,” he said.

The spot is slated to run nationally on broadcast and cable.