Porsche “Family Tree”

A sports car with backseat drivers? It’s a tricky concept to sell. But that’s the challenge for this spot (via Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago) as it introduces the Porsche Panamera, the brand’s first car with seats for four people. The task is to persuade us that this is a true Porsche, even if you can have granny and a kid riding in the backseat. So, the spot (literally) situates the Panamera among several dozen older production and racing models — all of them certifiably sporty Porsches — as we see them speeding across an open, desert landscape. And a voiceover speaks of the brand’s history, dating back to its founding by a man who couldn’t find the car of his dreams. “So he built one.” The voiceover extends the “dreams” theme, and implicitly links it to the new Panamera, by telling us that “Since then, every Porsche has fulfilled a dream of one kind or another.” Have there really been people who dream about a sports car with a backseat? At any rate, it’s a manful effort at expanding the definition of the sports-car category, though the voiceover sounds a bit defensive, at least to my ear, when it closes with the word “uncompromising. “The Porsche “family tree,” traced on the ground by the tires of these cars, is a deft visual touch. Meanwhile, the spot can’t altogether elude the problem that besets automotive commercials in which we see much earlier generations of the brand: The older cars always look cooler than the new ones. So, instead of looking jazzier than any other four-seater car on the planet, the Panamera is in the position of looking less jazzy than the Porsche siblings shown here. —Mark Dolliver

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