Porsche Reviews Creative Business

Incumbent Cramer-Krasselt will participate

On the heels of record sales, Porsche North America has launched an agency review of its creative business, which is handled by Cramer–Krasselt. 

The Chicago incumbent is expected to participate in the search process, which is being directed by External View Consulting Group in L.A. C-K declined to comment and referred calls to External View owner Russel Wohlwerth, who confirmed the review. Porsche execs did not respond to inquiries. 

Sources said the evaluation is driven by the global procurement department at Porsche’s corporate parent Volkswagen. Similar agency reviews are happening in other parts of the world. 

In October, Porsche's North American sales rose 41 percent, while year-to-date sales for the first ten months climbed 13 percent. The marketer spent $14.4 million in 2011, down from $33.7 million in 2008, according to Nielsen. (That amount does not include Internet or business-to-business spending.) Independent agency C-K won the business in 2007 after a review that included then-incumbent Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis. A decision in the current process is expected in the first half of next year.

In July, Volkswagen said it was buying the 50.1 percent of Porsche it didn’t already own, ending four years of mutual takeover bids.