Portrait: Thinkmodo

Viral videos are this New York agency's stock in trade, minus babies or cats


Who Co-founders Michael Krivicka (l.) and James Percelay

What Viral video marketing agency

Where Outside New York offices

Each time a mysterious new viral gimmick breaks on YouTube, among the first questions that comes to a reporter’s mind is, “Is this another Thinkmodo marketing stunt?” Michael Krivicka, a video editor, and James Percelay, a former line producer for Saturday Night Live, quickly made a name for their year-and-a-half-old venture by creating eye-catching, buzz-worthy guerilla footage for brands. Its recent video for Popcorn Indiana about a machine that shoots popcorn straight into your mouth has racked up some 1.9 million YouTube views since launching in mid-September. Still, Krivicka said, “You’ll never see us use a cute baby or a cat.” 

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