Prudential’s Heart-Wrenching Short Films Explore Love, Grief and Loss

'Masterpiece of Love' tells the real-life stories of life-insurance beneficiaries

The video series shows how real customers overcame some of life’s most painful moments. - Credit by Prudential
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Insurance is there for you during life’s most painful moments, like the loss of a loved one or contracting a serious illness. But those types of moments also can be a source of inspiration and strength, as Prudential’s new video series, “Masterpiece of Love,” shows.

Launching, appropriately, on Valentine’s Day, Prudential’s series of five short films pair real-life stories of Prudential life-insurance beneficiaries with artists who create works inspired by them.

“The genesis of the idea starts from the idea that two things are certain in life: death and taxes,” said Niharika Shah, vp and head of brand marketing and advertising at Prudential Financial. “If you think about the passing of a loved one, nobody knows what to say.”

One video chronicles how a young woman overcomes the grief of losing her husband; another shows how a woman’s chronic illness inspired her to launch a small business.

“As an insurance company, we deal with people at their most tough times,” Shah said. “Our role is to provide people with the strength and resources to move forward. We’re telling stories of people who have emerged on the other side.”

Prudential is promoting the campaign on its website and social channels, and was previewed internally by the company’s employees.

“For our claims professionals who take that call, to see how the work they do and how people process it, will be very inspiring,” Shah said. “It shows that Prudential has been there at moments of grief, but we also want to stand by as that process of grief continues.”

@ChristineBirkne Christine Birkner is a Chicago-based freelance writer who covers marketing and advertising.
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