Re/Max Agents Are House-Sellin’ Know-It-Alls in These Fun Ads Directed by Roman Coppola

Hit the bricks, subway tile!

Camp + King portrays Re/Max agents as helpful know-it-alls in these cute ads directed by Roman Coppola.

“We were inspired by house hunting/DIY shows where they always focus on the latest trends,” agency creative director Rikesh Lal tells Adweek. “The home-buying process is heavily influenced by these shows, so we played into that culture to show there’s more to buying a home than what the wainscoting looks like or what your friends think.”

Debunking buyer and seller misconceptions plays into the first spot, where the resale value of natural stone vs. subway tile serves as an unexpected source of comedy:

OK. Message received. Hit the bricks, subway tile!

Of course, in order to give good counsel, market knowledge is essential. Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? Who can you trust to know for sure? That guy who works at the coffee shop? Your hairdresser? A Re/Max agent, perhaps?

Actually, coffee boy made a pretty compelling case that the market is “on firrrre” with his scene-stealing stage whisper. Still, it’s probably safer to trust a professional. Dull, but safer.

“Even with all the knowledge you might have, there are parts of the home-buying process that require expertise,” says Lal. “When you’re deep in that, you want an agent that has 10-plus years of experience, on average, to help get you the best deal.”

Yeah, some of those Re/Max folks have been on the job a long time, and such expertise, we’re told, allows them to help customers buy or sell a home every 30 seconds:

Hey, you lovestruck teenagers, get off our lawn, we just bought the place!

Stylistically, the spots—which advance last year’s theme, “The Sign of a Re/Max Agent”—pack just enough comic kick to stand out. And they don’t get too silly or talk down to the audience.

“Roman is one of those directors that just gets an idea,” says Lal. “His approach is very precise, whether it’s applied to the humor, the art direction or the casting. Everything he does is carefully considered.”

Indeed, the jokes never overpower the message that Re/Max’s smartypants agents can be excellent allies.

Just remember: If your broker doesn’t know much about houses, that’s probably a bad sign.

Client: Re/Max
Agency: Camp + King
Roger Camp, Chief Creative Officer
Jamie King, Chief Executive Officer
Rikesh Lal, Creative Director
Jesse Dillow, Creative Director
Chris Nash, Associate Creative Director
Michael Ng, Senior Copywriter
Carlisle Hensley, Associate Director of Strategy
Stacy McClain, Director of Content Production
Emily Dillow, Brand Director
Caitlin Russell, Brand Manager
Malini Kartha, Associate Producer
Dani Saputo, Designer

Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Roman Coppola, Director
Lisa Margulis, Managing Director / Executive Producer
Elizabeth Minzes, EP / Head of Production
Julie Sawyer, Line Producer
Robert Yeoman, Director of Photography

Editorial: Cut + Run
Pete Koob, Editor
Deanne Mehling, Executive Producer
Jess Manning / Sara Stasinos, Post Producer

Color: Company 3
Jill Bogdanowicz, Colorist

Music: SqueakEClean
Rob Barbato, Creative Director
Amy Crilly, Executive Producer

Sound: One Union
Joaby Deal, Audio Engineer

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