R/GA Mocks Journalists

Agency pokes fun at media on Twitter

R/GA’s chief copywriter Chapin Clark may be one of those agency types who doesn't care much for the press.

The agency's stream–run by Clark and sporting some 25,000 followers–took a couple of shots at the fourth estate Monday afternoon, poking fun at some media targets. “Robot journalist bests human reporter but frets over the state of robot journalism, cost of robot journalism school,” it ribbed. (Turns out the human in question wasn’t a reporter, but a press rep).

“So what are all these bloggers and journalists whining about?” the feed wondered a few hours later, in an apparent reference to anti-Huffington squawker Jonathan Tasini.

A spokesperson for the agency suggested the tongue-in-cheek tweets were consistent with the overall tone of the stream. Indeed, later that afternoon, it noted news reports that Twitter is said to be considering seriously buying Tweetdeck. "Report: Company that makes no money in talks to pay $50 million for other company that makes no money." Hilarious.


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