Rockwell Uses Print Ads To Enter Commercial Orbit

LOS ANGELES – In an effort to attract commercial businesses and reestablish its image, Rockwell International Corp. launched a $2-million print campaign which began running in February magazines. The ads herald Rockwell’s diversification out of the aerospace industry, which has increasingly taken a smaller portion of its efforts. In the mid-’80s sales from Department of Defense contracts were approximately 50% of Rockwell’s business, now they represent 27%, according to Rockwell.
‘We knew our growth, especially from global markets, would come from the commercial arena,’ said Mary Lou Kromer, director of advertising and community relations for Rockwell, of the company’s rebuilding efforts begun in the mid-’80s when the aerospace industry softened.
Rockwell diversified into businesses including Goss printing presses and Rockwell modems. Rockwell agency Bozell/L.A. created six ads which focus on these individual businesses, playing off its former preeminence in aerospace. One ad, for example, is headlined, ‘Many of Rockwell’s most successful launches have nothing to do with space.’ Like the others, it then gives the reader an understanding of its other high-tech endeavors.
The campaign will run through September in various publications including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Forbes.
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