Ron Howard Narrates Star Wars Arrested Development-Style in a Not-So-Subtle Spot for Solo

'The story of a family who wants to rule the galaxy'

Proof that Ron Howard can narrate the hell out of anything. YouTube: Star Wars
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We won’t know if Ron Howard was able to whip Solo: A Star Wars Story—a film originally directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller; they were replaced by Howard after months of stories about a tumultuous production—into something worthy of the franchise until later this month.

What we do know? That Ron Howard can narrate the hell out of anything—especially stories about wacky families messing things up. So why not get him behind a mic again?

That’s exactly what Star Wars has done with Howard narrating a delightful Arrested Development-style spot about Star Wars: A New Hope in a not-so-subtle ad for the new film. Instead of keeping the Bluths in check Howard tells the tale the Skywalkers, “a family who wants to rule the galaxy and the one son who had no choice but to save it.”

The spot is remarkably fun. Reworking the memorable opening lines of Arrested Development slightly works surprisingly well and it gives viewers a new way to look at the Star Wars franchise—something that’s rather difficult this far into the game.

Plus, hearing Ron Howard tell you the truth about who knew what and when will only make you want to revisit Star Wars: A New Hope so the ad actually does double duty.

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