The Salvation Army Just Scored One of the NFL’s Best Product Placements Ever

Was at the center of Cowboys' touchdown celebration

Headshot of Christine Birkner

NFL players who dance or celebrate too overtly after scoring a touchdown are often fined by the league for such shenanigans—but last night, one such celebration garnered some great PR for the Salvation Army. In last night's Dallas Cowboys' win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown and leapt straight into a giant Salvation Army kettle that was parked in the end zone. 

The charity wasted no time capitalizing on the moment, posting the video on Twitter with a link where people could contribute to the organization. 

Elliott drew a 15-yard penalty for the stunt, and pledged to donate to the Salvation Army should the NFL fine him for the incident. However, the NFL did not impose a fine for the act, USA Today reported

The Salvation Army also had a cheeky exchange about the incident on Twitter with ESPN reporter Darren Rovell—emphasizing the organization's mission to help those in need.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones applauded the act, according to SB Nation, saying, "The Salvation Army should give him the highest award. My dream is that the NFL would fine the daylights out of me and I'm going to take 'em to the Supreme Court. And we're gonna get the Salvation Army a lot of notice."

@ChristineBirkne Christine Birkner is a Chicago-based freelance writer who covers marketing and advertising.