Scottrade “Tart Chart”

At the beginning of this commercial (via agency Gearon Hoffman), we’re welcomed to Scottrade, “where you get the knowledge and resources to become a more confident investor.” There’s something a bit jarring about the word “confident” here. There were plenty of confident investors a little more than two years ago, many of whom had access to “knowledge and resources.” And many lost their shirts as the markets collapsed in the ensuing months. Thus, I’m not sure the intro (spoken by Scottrade’s suit-and-tie clad CEO, which also seems like an odd choice at a time when people take a jaundiced view of stock-market professionals) sets the best tone for bringing us into a folksy fictional town where the locals chatter confidently about investing and markets. Otherwise, there’s a certain charm to the vignette in which a bakery proprietor explains her thoughts on investing by slicing a pie-size tart into a chart. (Even here, though, there’s one giggle too many after she explains that one of the slices in the tart chart “is Steve’s dessert.”) The tart looks great, though. Viewers may or may not be moved to open brokerage accounts after seeing this spot, but I bet a lot of them head out to a bakery. –Mark Dolliver

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