Sherwin-Williams “Paint Chip”

Must be painting season. A few days ago, a Benjamin Moore video came our way and made an Ad of the Day appearance. Now, a new spot for Sherwin-Williams (via McKinney of Durham, N.C.) gets its turn. It’s visually quite catchy, constructing flora and fauna out of the strips of paint samples you find at stores where paint is sold. The frog and its lily pad are my favorite touches, but it’s a sign of the spot’s visual verve that some viewers will find other moments they like even better. The succession of colors is an engaging buildup to the onscreen conclusion, “Make the most of your color with the very best paint.” Indeed, the spot is almost enough to make you think painting is fun — and is mostly about expressing your taste in color — if you’ve never taken on the task and don’t know any better. For that reason, my hunch is that it will appeal most to people who are novices at painting. (The Benjamin Moore spot we featured, with its references to such practical considerations as drying time, is likely to resonate more strongly with people who’ve done some painting and have come to appreciate the importance of those factors.) This spot’s final moment does direct viewers to a Sherwin-Williams Web site, where they’ll find plenty of nitty-gritty information on choosing and using paints. –Mark Dolliver