Showing the Other YMCA of R.I.

RDW TV Promotes Little-Known Programs
BOSTON–A new television effort for the YMCA of Greater Providence posed an unusual problem for RDW Group.
“We had many days trying to figure out how to get a horse in the [building], but we pulled it off,” said Victoria Birk, vice president of account services at the Providence, R.I., shop.
The commercial in question, one of three 15-second executions now breaking, focuses on a horse-riding class offered by the Y. It shows a rider on horseback trotting around the halls of a club in Seekonk, R.I.
In another ad, a caddy stands outside a locker room shower and hands a bather a washcloth to demonstrate that the clubs also offer golf lessons.
The tagline: “There’s more to the Y than you think.”
“We really thought that going far out there would drive home the point,” Birk said of the quirky spots.
The campaign includes newspaper and outdoor components. RDW is also responsible for the client’s Web site redesign.
RDW won the account in a review of undisclosed shops in November. Seven Providence-area clubs pooled their marketing funds to come up with an advertising budget of about $1 million.

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