Skittles Spreads ‘Liberation’ in China

BEIJING, CHINA The Mars-owned confectionery brand Skittles has launched a digital campaign in China to help “un-trap” teenagers from their “highly regimented daily routine.”

Based on the insight that Chinese teens are trapped in a world of rules and societal pressure to succeed, Skittles and TBWA have launched a “Skittlelized” zone on China’s biggest online portal QQ.

Tapping into the iconography of popular online virals, TBWA\ created animated animals and games that “Skittlelize routine school activities,” turning teens’ everyday school life into something fun and rebellious.

Through the campaign, Skittles said it hopes to inspire teens’ imaginations and un-trap them from their highly regimented, daily routines.

The game is based on their school’s morning exercises, which the brand transforms into an extreme “dance-off” competition. Players compete to keep up as the catchy beat becomes more and more challenging, unlocking colorful animations and effects.

Positioning the Skittle’s rainbow as a catalyst of infinite creative possibilities, the integrated campaign uses TV, online and retail to demonstrate how Skittles disrupts teens’ life of monotony with colorful unpredictability.

In the following weeks, more unpredictable and imaginative activities will be launched to keep surprising consumers and ultimately position Skittles as an icon of unpredictability and creative playfulness.

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