Starbucks “The Big Picture”

Walk into any Starbucks today with a reusable tumbler and you’ll get a free cup of coffee for your effort. To promote its “Shared Planet” environmental initiative, Starbucks and its agency BBDO New York invited customers to exchange their cups for travel mugs and use their paper cups to create an image of a Sequoia tree in the middle of buzzing city traffic. With director Lance Acord at the helm and the joyful music of The Drums’ “Let’s Go Surfing” backing the action, the result is this cheery clip of New Yorkers working together to create striking street art. The ad opens with the question, “If everyone made one small change, could we all change the world?” Cup by cup, we watch from an overhead shot as a tree slowly forms. “One person can save trees,” reads the on-screen copy, “together, we can save forests.” The spot, which began running earlier this week, effectively uses people power to show how an individual’s single action can lead to a greater good. The method keeps viewer attention as curiosity builds to the final image and the broader feel-good message, “You and Starbucks. It’s bigger than coffee.” –Eleftheria Parpis