Step Inside 92-Year-Old Marvel Comic Book Legend Stan Lee’s Office

If there were ever a person who shaped and molded the childhoods of millions, it would be Stan Lee. His decades-long tenure at Marvel produced some of America's most beloved comic book characters, including Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and the Fantastic Four. Lee's characters have become household names and the stars of countless blockbusters.

The 92-year-old comic book writer's prolific career has turned him into a household name, and he isn't done working. In 2001, Lee, along with Arthur Lieberman and Gill Champion, founded POW! Entertainment, a publicly traded production company, where he serves as chairman and CCO—Champion is currently president and CEO. Inside Lee's office at POW!'s Beverly Hills, Calif., headquarters, artifacts of his life and career fill every wall and corner. Champion sums it up best: "It's like walking through a museum." Luckily, we were given an exclusive tour.