Storm Shelter

The plaintive voice of Bob Dylan helps convey a message of hope for animals in peril in a new TV spot for the World Wildlife Fund.

The PSA, produced in 30- and 60-second formats, among others, is part of a new campaign by the PlowShare Group in Stamford, Conn. The ad features Dylan singing “Shelter From the Storm,” from his 1975 album Blood on the Tracks, as shots of pandas, elephants and other animals appear onscreen.

Actor Donald Sutherland provides the voice over, stating the necessity of saving animals from extinction before saying the tagline, “Together, we can leave our children a living planet,” as a tiger’s eyes morph into the image of a child.

The spot then urges viewers to order a free action kit while a computer-animated panda nuzzles open a kit onscreen and crawls into the “shelter.”

John La Rock, agency creative director, said the work is more hard-edged than prior ads. “There’s a little more immediacy here,” he said, citing concerns about pollution and other threats to wildlife.

The ending animation was done in coordination with Quiet Man in New York. The campaign, which is expected to break this month, includes print and radio.