SunChips “Little Things”

SunChip’s new compostable bag is getting an added promotional boost today with an Earth Day announcement from Current TV that this consumer-generated ad, created by Brooklyn’s Heather Kramer, won the marketer’s contest and will run on prime-time TV. Current TV co-founder Al Gore chose the winning ad. It uses stop-motion animation to tell the story of how Kramer got her “lazy” roommate to correct his environmental misstep, throwing the empty chip bag in the trash. As Kramer’s voiceover tells her winning story, the ad follows the bag from the trash to the compost pile. “It can’t just compost itself,” she says. So they take the bag to the backyard and start a compost pile. Soon, the whole apartment building is using it. “Little steps make a big difference,” she says. And that’s what makes this ad compelling. Not the visuals, but the idea that maybe a chip bag can inspire a broader dedication to the environment. If you don’t have a compost pile, maybe you’ll start one, just like Kramer. –Eleftheria Parpis

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